A device to help you focus like a pro

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Staying focused is hard.

In this distracted and distracting world, getting the best out of our abilities is more difficult than ever.

So we made Flowlin.

You can simply touch Flowlin to indicate for how long you would like to focus and: 

1. Flowlin will turn on its gentle light to indicate to your co-workers that you do not want to be disturbed.

1. Turn on the device light to tell your co-workers that you shouldn't be disturbed.

2. It will also connect to your phone and computer to enable Do Not Disturb to block unnecessary notifications.


What is Flowlin?

Flowlin is like a magic button that creates a bubble around you to immerse you in a state of flow, preventing unnecessary information to reach you.

How is Flowlin better than software-only focus solutions?

Flowlin can display your status in real life to your co-workers, making this information easier to access for everyone, including non-tech savvy persons. It’s intuitive and its physical nature makes it easy to use, without interrupting your workflow.

It is also a stronger support in your personal statement of statement, making it more legitimate and natural to ask your coworkers to respect your time and attention. The object also acts as a physical token of your intention, reinforcing your commitment to focus and reminding you to use it, simply through its presence.

The fact that it’s an object also inverses the relationship between your tool and your computer. Flowlin acts like the master of all your devices, enabling you to take back control.

I can already focus well at work, why would I need Flowlin?

Placing barriers between you and distractions can be complex and consume your energy throughout the day. For example, the simple act of resisting the urge to check social media can deplete your willpower, of which you only have a limited supply. 

Flowlin make those barriers super easy to put in place, reminds you of your goals and assist you with them throughout the day. 

Does Flowlin block internet?

No, it only blocks what you choose to block. This can be notifications or specific websites. 

Can I select more than 60 minutes?

No, staying focused for extended periods of time is difficult and energy consuming. Multiple scientific studies have shown that it is better to take regular short breaks. So if you want to work for more than one hour straight with Flowlin, you’ll have to make the conscious decision of chaining sessions.

How does Flowlin connect to my phone?

The first time you use Flowlin, you’ll need to pair it with Bluetooth on your phone and adjust one iPhone/Android settings. Then Flowlin will just work every time you use it, without any app!

Flowlin pretends to be a car, so that your phone thinks that you should be just as focused as when you’re driving and enables Do Not Disturb automatically.

How does Flowlin connect to my computer?

You’ll need to download our app and pair Flowlin with Bluetooth on your computer once.

How does Flowlin attach to the computer?

Flowlin has a mildly strong magnet inside to easily attach it to your computer. You only need to stick a metallic sticker on the back of your computer

Aren’t magnets dangerous for electronics?

No need to worry: in general, magnets don’t have any negative effects on electronics, except on mechanical hard drives which can be found in older laptops, but the magnets we use inside Flowlin are neither strong enough nor close enough to the hard drives to damage them.

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